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Simple & Safe Solutions for your 1031 Exchange

Replacement Property

We assist in locating suitable replacement property.

Open a 1031 Exchange

We have some of the lowest exchange fees in the country, starting at $695.

1031 Exchange Explained

We explain 1031 exchanges in an easy to understand way.

Residential Property Exchange

residential property exchange

Burned-out landlord? Eliminate the headaches of residential real estate and exchange into hassle-free properties... Learn More

Agricultural Property Exchange

agricultural property exchange

Sell your land without paying tax and receive a secure monthly income... Learn More

Diversified Property Exchange

diversified property exchange

Diversify your 1031 exchange proceeds into multiple properties... Learn More

Receive Passive Income and Defer Taxes with 1031 Exchanges

As a real estate investor, or someone who uses real estate as part of your retirement portfolio strategy, you should never have to pay taxes on the gains from a sale when you intend to reinvest that income immediately in a similar type of real estate property. 1031 exchanges (named for the IRS code that stipulates the rule) allow you to defer the income you earn from real property or personal property sales when you reinvest all the gains right away in a like-kind property.

Powerful Tools to Enhance Your Portfolio

Many investors use real estate to diversify their portfolio, which can help you earn passive income, or boost a retirement portfolio, but if you are forced to pay taxes on gains every time you relinquish a property, it can significantly cut into your income. Instead, use the powerful tools that 1031 exchange real estate transactions allow to defer the capital gains taxes by reinvesting the income, including any gains, in a similar property right away. With the real estate exchange rules put in place in 1991 under 1031 regulations, deferring taxes is easier, less expensive, and safer than ever before.

A Trusted Partner in 1031 Exchanges

Establishing a solid investment strategy when it comes to 1031 exchanges means understand the rules and regulations that apply, maximizing your investments to ensure proper tax deferment, and working with a Qualified Intermediary (QI) at 1031 Exchange Place. These transactions are complex—requiring that sale proceeds go directly to a QI who can hold them until they are delivered for a replacement property—and working with the QI ensures that you, as the taxpayer, are not in receipt of the funds, and will not be taxed for those funds.

We can review the rules with you, ensure that your property meets the guidelines set for by the IRS code for real estate exchange, and even help you locate replacement properties that match your investment strategy and fit well in your portfolio.

Work With the 1031 Exchange Experts

When you are ready to open a 1031 exchange real estate investment, we are here to help, with some of the lowest fees in the country, starting at just $695. We can assist you in complying with current law, protecting your investment to ensure tax deferment, and ensuring that funds remain safe while your transaction is processed. Don’t risk being subject to capital gains taxes—contact us today.