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In our many years of experience in the 1031 industry, we’ve found the 1031 space to be quite fragmented. As a result, exchangors are often left to navigate this foreign process by searching for answers online, conflicting (or incorrect) advice from agents, CPA’s, or other advisors, and an overall lack of accurate information. Whether it’s understanding the process, the regulations, or what options are available, exchangors must normally seek answers from a small handful of individuals to begin to piece together what exactly they need to do for a successful exchange. Even then, their understanding may be based off of the biased or limited perspective of those providing the advise.

1031 Exchange Place, LC was established in 1997 in Orem, UT. Our passionate team of 1031 advisors and exchange specialists collectively have over 100 years of experience helping 1031 exchange clients navigate the intricacies of tax deferred exchanges. In addition to serving as an intermediary, our purpose as advisors is to empower our clients with the context, strategy and information they need to make informed and prudent decisions. We bring clarity, not only to the process, but to the strategy that will ultimately lead to a successful exchange. Through this clarity, our clients find relief from the anxiety that would often otherwise accompany them through this process.

For clients needing help understanding and exploring options for 1031 replacement property, our team specializes in passive 1031 investment properties. More and more exchangors are at or in retirement and seek investments that provide monthly income – without the landlord responsibilities. Knowing this, our team has specialized in these type of investments for over two decades.

Contact us for a free consultation and we’re confident you’ll already feel more at-ease about your upcoming exchange. Give us a call at 1-800-872-1031.

“We can’t remember another instance when someone took so much time to explain us the ins and outs of a process, even including tips to get more out of the program. It happened when we called 1031 Exchange Place. We had questions about 1031 exchanges. Not only our questions were answers. We received answers to questions we did know we should be asking. It was a long telephone consultation that ends up being a great experience. We can’t wait to be ready to start my 1031 exchange process and take advantage of the great service of this company.” ~ Edward & Maddie C.

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