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“We can’t remember another instance when someone took so much time to explain us the ins and outs of a process, even including tips to get more out of the program. It happened when we called 1031 Exchange Place. We had questions about 1031 exchanges. Not only our questions were answers. We received answers to questions we did know we should be asking. It was a long telephone consultation that ends up being a great experience. We can’t wait to be ready to start my 1031 exchange process and take advantage of the great service of this company.” ~ Edward & Maddie C.

1031 Advisors – Bring Clarity to Your Exchange

1031 Exchange Place, LC was established in 1997 in Orem, UT. Our dedicated 1031 advisors and exchange specialist collectively have over 50 years of experience helping 1031 exchange clients navigate the intricacies of deferring taxes from the sale of business or investment property and reinvesting the proceeds into suitable replacement property. As part of our 1031 exchange qualified intermediary services, we are able to work with and support your real estate agent, mergers and acquisition broker, accountant, or other financial professional in locating a suitable 1031 replacement property. It’s in everyone best interest that your complete your exchange and not pay the tax resulting from a failed exchange.

Gary Leavitt
Exchange Advisor
Brian Greene, JD
Exchange Specialist
Ralph Bunje, MBA. CPA
Exchange Specialist
Ray Beck, JD
Exchange Specialist
Nate Leavitt
Exchange Director